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MAR 13, 2024

Privy x Spotify, Coachella x Opensea, Oscillator launches FanScore, OP Contest Winners!

by Irathy, Web3 Music by Irathy

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Privy integrates with Spotify!

If you are building an onchain music app, you might want to check this out! They now offer the ability to onboard users via Spotify.

Coachella partners up with Opensea for new VIP NFT Collection!

Coachella, one of California's most renowned music festivals, has partnered with OpenSea to introduce exclusive NFT perks for attendees, following the success of NFT ticketing at EXIT Festival. The 'VIP Pass + Oasis Lounge Keepsake' NFTs are now available for minting at $1,499, offering VIP access to Coachella 2024 and exclusive entry to the Oasis Lounge. Additional collectibles with extra advantages are set to release in March and April.

Oscillator launches FanScore!

FanScore, the inaugural app from Oscillator, represents a pioneering step towards leveraging open artist and fan data. Currently undergoing a trial run with contributor RAC, FanScore operates by connecting users' wallets to generate a unique fan score based on their interactions with RAC on the blockchain. Users can then validate their fandom by signing an attestation on Base and receive a fan link to showcase their digital music identity. This marks the first demonstration of the potential of open fan data on the blockchain.

Optimism has announced the winners of their art and music contest!

“We ❤️ The Art” contest was created to celebrate onchain artists with a 1,200,000 OP prize pool split between four distinct categories judged by a number of respected figures from the onchain and creative industries. The 188 winners have been announced! Check them out here.

Here are some non web3 music industry news highlights from the past week.

Curated from Music Marketing Monday Newsletter by Andrew Southworth
  • The UMG vs. TikTok battle expands, no end in sight
  • According to study, A&R’s use Spotify more than any other tool for music discovery
  • Warner Music Group is building an app for superfans
  • Flowers by Miley Cyrus is officially the biggest song of 2023

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Shooting Star🌠

Leo Pastel has been a contributor to the web3 space since 2020. He has worked with web3 native companies ranging from FriendsWithBenefits, SongCamp, and Metav3rse, and consulted with web2 companies such as Vans Sneakers, Spotify, and Atlantic Records.
As a musician, Leo loves to push boundaries. His two solo releases on peaked at #2 & #1 on the platform. Leo also curated a virtual band named the Morphotones, in partnership with Metav3rse, integrating novel elements of AI music technology. The Morphotones went on to release the first GrimesAI track on the ethereum blockchain using Grimes’ open-source AI model.
As a community builder, Leo co-founded two web3 native companies: The Outsider Collective, which made novel contributions to the web3 music ecosystem, and his newest multi-media venture, Weird Wide World, which aims to create an easier path towards sustainability for creatives of all kinds.

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