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APR 17, 2023

Exploring the upcoming MOVE Gemini Sui ecolosystem

by Colin Wu, WuBlockchain

Author: @0xMavWisdom
After the release of tokens on the “Star Public Chain” Aptos six months ago, Sui, also known as one of the “MOVE Gemini twins,” is about to enter the mainnet phase. However, unlike the APT airdrop, Sui will be publicly sold to community members. Recently, Sui announced its IEO issuance on exchanges such as OKX, Bybit, and Kucoin.
The Sui development team, Mysten Labs, completed a $300 million financing round in September last year and has repurchased shares of bankrupt FTX, demonstrating strong financial strength. Backed by star capital such as a16z, Coinbase Ventures, and Jump Crypto, the ecosystem on the Sui network is highly anticipated. However, as the Sui mainnet has not yet officially launched, this article will explore its ecosystem applications based on the Sui Network testnet.
Sui Wallet
The wallet developed by the official Sui team allows users to send, store, and swap FT and NFT. In addition to the basic wallet functions, users can also participate in testing dApps recommended by the wallet and stake Sui Testnet Tokens within the wallet. Users can also claim rewards for participating in activities within the wallet.
Ethos Wallet
Sui Builder Hero is one of the award-winning projects and completed a $4.2 million seed round financing led by Gumi Cryptos Capital and Boldstart Ventures in January this year, with other investors including Mysten Labs, the developer of the Sui network. Users can use the wallet to send, store, and swap FT and NFT.
Suiet Wallet
Suiet Wallet is an open-source wallet developed for the community, allowing users to send, store, and swap FT and NFT. Currently, Suiet Wallet only supports web browser extensions, but mobile versions are planned for the future.
MovEX is a decentralized exchange that combines the advantages of AMM and order book. Users can participate in testing and use basic DEX functions to swap and provide liquidity as LP on the platform. In the future, MovEX will also launch the ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering) function, which provides customized token issuance solutions for project issuers. By selecting time periods, price ranges, and auction algorithms, the ILO function can adjust the initial token sales to help projects raise funds to the maximum extent possible.
One of the AMM DEXs on the Sui chain, it provides swapping, liquidity mining, and prediction market functions. In the future, it will also launch functions such as staking, borrowing, and the WISP token.
Cetus is a DEX and liquidity protocol based on the Move ecosystem, and it has currently integrated with Aptos and Sui. The platform supports users to swap and provide liquidity, and also supports bridging assets with multiple chains such as Near, Fantom, and Ethereum.
Turbos Finance
Turbos Finance is a DeFi protocol built on Sui and supported by Jump Crypto. It will provide swapping and liquidity provision services after the Sui mainnet is officially launched. In addition to spot trading, users can also participate in futures trading on the platform. Turbos Finance has previously stated that it would have incentive programs for early contributors during the testnet phase.
Aftermath Finance
Aftermath Finance is a native DeFi project built on the Sui network and is also one of the SUI Builder Hero award-winning projects. During the testnet phase, users can participate in swapping, staking, liquidity mining, and other activities on the platform. In the future, the platform will also launch lending functions.
Araya Finance
Araya Finance is one of the native DeFi protocols on the Sui network, providing DEX functions such as swapping and liquidity mining. Users need to pay a fee of 0.3% to swap on the protocol, of which 0.25% is used to pay LP fees. Araya Finance has also built a feature called Stable Swap to provide low-slippage trading, which only requires a fee typically around 0.02%, much lower than the general Araya AMM.
Suiswap is one of the AMM DEXs on the Sui chain, supporting users to swap and provide liquidity mining. Recently, Suiswap announced that users who participated in the official community tasks during the Sui testnet period will receive a certain amount of Suiswap Token airdrop rewards.
NFT Marketplace
Clutchy is an NFT marketplace on the Sui chain. Users can trade NFTs on the platform, and project owners can also issue NFTs on the platform. In addition, Clutchy supports users to directly participate in multiple games on the platform after connecting their wallets.
BlueMove is an NFT marketplace built on the Move language chain. It has currently integrated with the Sui and Aptos networks and launched an APP. In addition to NFT trading, BlueMove also provides DEX, NFT staking, and Launchpad functions. A platform fee of 2% is required for NFT trading on BlueMove. The platform has also launched a native token called MOVE, which is mainly used for whitelist NFT minting and staking. Users can stake MOVE or NFTs on BlueMove and trade NFTs to earn MOVE.
Sui Gallery
One of the NFT marketplaces on the Sui network, this platform provides NFT trading, Launchpad, and minting functions. During the testnet period, the platform has already had over 30,000 users minting NFTs.
SuiPad is one of the Launchpad platforms on the Sui chain, where users can participate in IDO of primary market projects. Users can obtain a specific level by staking Token SUIP, which will determine the guaranteed allocation when participating in IDO. SuiPad also designed an insurance feature to protect users’ funds. Users can purchase insurance before participating in IDO activities, and this fund will be sent to the SuiPad Shield Pool. When the IDO project breaks, the SuiPad Shield Pool will compensate for some of the losses.
Suistart is one of the IDO Launchpad platforms on the Sui chain, where users can participate in primary project subscriptions. In addition to providing Launchpad functions, Suistart also provides DeFi functions such as token swapping and staking. In the future, Suistart will issue Token SUIS, and users can ensure a certain IDO participation quota by staking SUIS.
Sui Punk
Sui Punk claims to be the first NFT series on the Sui chain, with a total supply of 2,992. This NFT series was minted on the Ethereum in August 2022 and will be airdropped to the Sui network after it goes live on the mainnet.
Stork started as a domain service in 2022, but later changed direction and launched the Stork brand PFP series. Users who hold Stork whitelist passes, known as Stork Pass, can obtain NFT minting rights on the Stork platform after it goes live on the Sui mainnet, as well as a series of privileges in the Stork Club. As of April 17th, the floor price for Stork Pass is 27 MATIC. Stork has stated that it would conduct airdrops in the future for holders and some community contributors.
Domain Name
Sui Name Service/SuiNS
One of the domain service providers on the Sui chain allows users to register Sui domain names to build their own DID. Previously, the Sui development team, Mysten Labs, completed the acquisition of some assets of the Sui Name Service (SuiNS), so the community also considers it to have a certain degree of legitimacy. Currently, more than 600,000 domain names have been registered. Users can also participate in auctions on the platform to obtain unique domain names.
Suia is a social dAPP built on the Sui network. Organizers can apply for brands and launch events on the platform, while users can participate in community events, collect creator works, receive proof-of-contribution NFTs, interact with PFPs in a composable way, and showcase their lives on Suispace. Through activities on Suia, users can establish new social relationships with strangers. Currently, the platform has over 230,000 users and has generated over 70,000 events.
AIDAMETA is a full-chain gaming platform built on high-efficiency blockchains such as BSC and SUI, and is also one of the first GameFi projects on the Sui network. AIDA currently has three products: World of META — AIDAMETA’s metaverse form, Battle of META — the main battlefield of the game, and Home of META — AIDAMETA’s social area.
Abyss World
Abyss World is a flagship open-world ARPG game on the Sui chain, funded by Mysten Labs. The game is advertised to have multiple game modes, where players can engage in large-scale PVP battles in The Grand Colosseum, small-scale PVP battles in The Battle Arena, and PVE mode gameplay in Central City. Currently, Abyss World is still in development and is listed on Steam, so players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam to keep track of the latest developments.
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